Photo Coasters


These photo coasters are so simple, inexpensive, and adorable! This small set is actually the second set I made (I originally made a set with baby pictures of my sister and I for my mom – she adores them!). The tiles were purchased at Menards for $0.11 each, the felt at JoAnn’s for $0.34 (I only used one sheet), and then the pictures were ordered online. So in total, I think each coaster came out to be less than $0.40 a piece!

To begin, I ordered 4×6 prints and then used the tiles to cut out the right shape of the pictures. I like to leave a little bit of a border on the edge of the tiles. Using a coat of modge podge I covered the tile and placed a picture down. I let it dry and then put a top coat of modge podge over the picture. This step tends to leave some streaks, so make sure to let it dry completely (I got slightly impatient above as you can tell with the streaks) or perhaps you can skip this step completely. After that was dry, I did a couple coats of spray paint sealant so that the pictures won’t be ruined by moisture or heat from glasses that will be set on them. I then hot glued the felt to the bottom.That’s it! They work great and we haven’t had any problems with melting when we use them. xoxo, Katie.

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