Crayon Drip Mirror

There have been a lot of interesting melting crayon crafts out there, and we thought we would try and put it to use in our own way. I needed a mirror for my new apartment, but who wants a boring old mirror in their room or pay a lot for a nice one? I picked up a plain mirror, it had a slightly bevelled edge, for $15 at Menards. I am guessing you could find a cheaper one at a rummage or thrift store, but we did not have any luck in our search. Anyways, we decided to put to use the crayon melting that people have been using all over Pinterest. Here is our final product:

Pretty neat, eh? To begin preparation for this craft, we taped off a border, ours was 2 inches thick, and then taped a paper bag on the inside to protect the mirror. Next, we scratched off all the paper on the crayons and broke them in half so we had a rainbow of different pieces.

There are a lot of different ways to melt the crayons, but we found that this dotted, gradual look was easiest and our favorite. Using paperclips, we stuck the crayons onto the end (to avoid roasting off all your fingers with the hair dryer) and began blowdrying about a foot above the mirror.

The crayons melted pretty quickly and started spraying everywhere. Move around the crayon to get your desired effect. It’s very easy, but make sure not to get too close to the mirror or the crayon that has already melted onto it or it will begin to smear. Remember, it takes A LOT of patience (which I usually have very little of) and it is so easy to leave the project and take a break. We did several layers to fill in the border. Take your time and it will turn out amazing. I think there are so many different twists you could do on this mirror (all different shades of one color, mixed dots everywhere, only a couple of colors). Finally, we removed the tape very carefully and used a butter knife to make sure ripping off the tape would not take the crayons off as well. We then reapplied a new brown paper bag to cover the inside of the mirror and did a quick coat of spray paint sealant to secure everything in place. I absolutely LOVE my mirror, and I think it is definitely a bargain for $15.

Hope you like it and are inspired! x0xo Katie

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